Agricultural Economics
3285 Problems Course

Undergraduates may enroll for credit under the course listed as Agricultural Economics 3285 Problems. It is not a formal course but rather provides an arrangement whereby a student can undertake a learning experience not covered by an existing course. The amount of credit involved varies with the amount of work involved in the project.

The 3285 Problems course is not designed for obtaining a needed hour or two of credit. It is for the student who has a topic to investigate and who has identified a faculty member to supervise the project and outline the requirements for satisfactory completion. This faculty member determines if work on the project is satisfactory.

Each student enrolling in 3285 Problems must obtain the consent of the instructor before enrolling. The consent cards are available in 200 Mumford after you have identified your research area and have received faculty approval. 3285 Problems is offered pass-fail (satisfactory/unsatisfactory) only.

Some examples of current use of 3285 Problems include:

  • Supervised research in a specialized area of Agricultural Economics.
    The student works directly with a professor on a topic approved by the professor prior to enrollment. Usually the student will develop a proposal that outlines the project and necessary work to complete.
  • Returning to the Farm students who complete the financial planning portion of the program.
  • Business Golf Etiquette.
    Students learn the basics of the game and how to interact in social situations related to golf or other semi-work situations.